Successful Students of Rail Systems Clustering Meets in Iftar Meal

Students who succeeded in Rail Systems Cluster came together in Iftar Meal: iftar dinner was given to the students who succeeded in the Rail Systems Cluster.

Tülomsaş in the garden of the program, Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, Anadolu University Rector. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avcı, Provincial Director of National Education Necmi Özen, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Savaş Özaydemir, Rail Systems Cluster Chairman M. Kenan Işık, sector representatives and students attended.

Governor Tuna, who stated that universities in Eskişehir, TülomsaŸŸâ € ™ and the industrial area is a great advantage for young people, is that the country develops in the field of industry by reading in vocational high schools in the program. Congratulated the students who provided.

Touching on the importance of being a stakeholder by teaching something, Governor Tuna is going through everything that is taught in “Industry”. Being a stakeholder and being a shareholder in the emergence of a product is a great thing. If God blesses us, we will teach our High-Speed Train here in this Principle. Our Anatolian University also has nice studies on this subject. These are a start for now, and hopefully there will be wide investment opportunities behind it. Many people from abroad and abroad will come to invest here, he said.

Explaining that Eskişehir will develop more in the field of industry within 3-5 years, Governor Tuna stated that vocational high school graduates will be the wanted personnel in this sense. Stating that the students should be evaluated in the field of industry 2 years before the end of their schools, Tuna stated that they would want this project to be initiated in Eskişehir by the Ministry of National Education. Explaining that the students believe that they will specialize in this way, Governor Tuna is an important point for our children to have a good profession by starting their business life early. used the expressions that we believe we can contribute.

Rector of Anadolu University Prof.Dr. Dr. Naci GündoÄŸan also stated the number of universities in our country to 193â € ™. Stating that vocational and technical education has decreased in recent years, Rektör GündoÄŸan drew attention to the fact that people should be well directed at certain times. Rektör GündoÄŸan, who stated that the base training in that field is important before the academic career, asked that talented young people be directed to the field that can be professional.

TülomsaşŸ General Manager Hayri AvcÄ stated that they want to make a training program that includes TülomsaŸâ € ™ with the success rates of the last year vocational high schools. He noted that successful students will be employed in TülomsaŸŸâ € ™. Stating that they want to establish a team of experts on Rail Systems, Genel Müdür AvcÄ ± stated that they are working with the strengths they have to revive the industry.

The President of the Board of Rail Systems KEY, IŞık, explained that they had traditionally organized their iftar dinner this year in the historical place hosted by Tülomsasaâ € ™ s. Stating that Rail Systems are developing very fast in the world, Light stated how important the industry has become for Turkey. Thanking Governor Tunaâ € ™ for his support to the industry, IŞık reported that the most important need in the sector is a well-trained human resource.

After the speeches, Governor Tuna, Rector Gündoğan, General Manager Avcı and ESO President Özaydemir gave various gifts to the successful students.

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