Registration Obligation for Railway Vehicles

Registration Requirements for Rail Vehicles has brought: the requirement to register in order to use the national rail infrastructure network of the rail vehicles produced in Turkey or imported been brought.

The “Railway Vehicles Registration and Registry Regulation” of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, the rail cars were produced in Turkey or imported by the current legislation will require the registration to be used in the national rail infrastructure network.

It has been procured within the scope of a rental contract from abroad and the national railway infrastructure network will be registered for rail vehicles that will be used for more than one month.

In order to be used in the national railway infrastructure network, the condition of registration of passenger and freight wagons, which are short-termed from 3 for a period of one year within the framework of the rental contract, to the passenger cars and freight wagons that meet the terms of the agreement regulating the mutual use of them in international traffic will not be required. However, in freight wagons, maintenance of the wagons will be required by the organization responsible for maintenance. The registration process will not be required if the documents related to the production of the railway vehicles other than those mentioned in the relevant technical specifications and instructions are submitted.

The registration of TEN, RIV, RIC or RID, which are used in international traffic of foreign countries, will not be required.

The owner of the railway vehicles and the person or organization who has the right to use, and the organization or the unit responsible for the maintenance will change and the vehicle will be renewed in case of modification or change of type.

If the application for the registration is complete and complete, 20 will be evaluated and decided on a working day.

The import document showing that imports have been performed before the effective date of the regulation will be obliged to be given to the Ministry for railway vehicles imported before today. However, this provision will not be applied for railway vehicles which have been tendered by TCDD but have not yet been imported.

From now on, the registration of the freight and passenger wagons, which will be imported from abroad, will not be made until the 1 January 2020 date.

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