Greenbrier Contracts with PKP Cargo

Greenbrier Signed Contract with PKP Cargo: Poland's largest rail transport operator PKP Cargo and the European subsidiary of American wagon manufacturer Greenbrier, Greenbrier Europe Wagony Swindica, recently signed an important agreement. The two companies came together to produce freight wagons.

According to the agreement, PKP Cargo will build a large production and maintenance zone in the Szczecin region with an investment of around 11,5 million euros. The company Greenbrier will also take on roles such as documentation, technology, quality control and procurement of production equipment.

In a statement from PKP Cargo, it was stated that there would be no need to find new partners for new projects and that the required analyzes could be made more easily. Together with the partnership, the companies can now produce their own wagons, and thanks to this, the cost will be greatly reduced.

The Szczecin freight car production plant is expected to meet the expectations with its annual 500 wagon production capacity.

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