World Famous Train Macho Line to be Renewed in Peru

World Famous 'Train Macho' Line to be Renewed in Peru: Peruvian promotion and private investment agency Proinversion announced that they will make a tender for the renewal and repair of the 128,7 km Huancayo-Huancavelica line. In the statement made on July 24, it was stated that there were problems in some parts of the line, also known as "Tren Macho".

The train Macho line is located above sea level 4700 m. This feature is one of the lines of the world's highest point to travel.

Bidding kazanIt is expected from the company that will make the line, such as redesign, improvement, infrastructure renewal and electromechanical improvements. It was also stated that the general maintenance of the line will be carried out.

The project also includes the construction of retaining walls in some areas on the line and the renovation of the 38 tunnel and 15 viaduct on the line.

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