Makinistler want back their damage compensation

Makinistler want to restore the compensation claims: Railroad Machinery Association Izmir Branch President Onur Yeter, railways working on behalf of the mechanics in their statement, 2008 in their hands, said they should be given back the right to wear compensation.

Onur Yet, 1 October 2008 5510 25 40. XNUMX replaced with. he said that they could not benefit from the actual service period hike due to the removal of the machinery from the article. After the election, the new MPs and the government officials will be established. Yet, at the same time as a mechanic said that they are in their health.


DEMARD Izmir Branch President Onur Yeter, TCDD mechanics, day and night, difficult conditions, away from the family working as a profession group, he said. 1 October 2008 5510 25 40 1949. 2008 replaced with. Yet, he said, ayd We were benefiting from the hectic term of service until 22 by 2008. We applied to the courts with the request of cancellation of the transaction which is based on 45297 September 2008 date and XNUMX which cancels the Wage Compensation of TCDD General Directorate. In our first cases, decisions were taken to stop the abolition of the abolition. However, in our later cases, as a result of the intervention of SGK, we have started to lose our rights to wear in the courts. Therefore, we demand that our right to be given back in XNUMX, provided that we have many documents to prove and document that our newly elected MPs will be working under difficult conditions from our newly elected government. Ilen

Become a valued profession

Yeter, suggesting that they are health care machines, tunnels in the region of noise on the 110 desibelin had to do their duties in an environment, he said. Enough, inal The sound and heat insulation of the machines we work with is not enough. Therefore, we are working at night railways in the heavy industry service arm. The workers in this service sector are heavy industry workers. In particular, the Mechanic is an ordeal. Devotion is a work that they add their hearts to their jobs by their professions. The engineer has no life safety and security in the trains passing in deserted areas and mountain tops. Imagine a big freight train only entrusted to the 2 Mechanic. Or consider passenger trains. All the passengers on the passenger trains are still entrusted to the 2 Engineer. In this sense, we want to understand the importance of our work. If a pilot is on the air today, he must be the engineer in the train. Our concern is to give back our depreciation shares. In addition to these wear and tear, our profession is to make the profession of reputation. We feel ourselves responsible for seeking our rights until the end. In this sense, we will have requests for meeting with our deputies and the government powers to be determined Bu.


Enough said that the places they lived and their meals were primitive and continued as follows: yemek We are experiencing accidents resulting in deaths. We're dealing with suicide. Therefore, there is no reason to take the rights taken from us. We want many of our rights to be right next to this, not just that. Under normal circumstances, due to the status difference, we became different 2 groups who did the same task. The status of one of us is contracted to the status of the worker. There are huge differences from overtime to working hike. In other words, we wear and wear on behalf of all the mechanics who work day and night, who lose their health due to the work they are doing, then their value is unknown, they are tried in the courts due to the work they do, the sheets are printed in the newspapers and they are left in the middle, we want it back. geri


Yeter explained his position as a mechanic as follows: “While everyone is sleeping in a 3 square meter area in a great shaking and noise, his eyes are on the one who goes miles away from his family on the road. Machinist; He is the one who carries a load of 30 tons at 2 degrees, dissolves them by pouring hot water on the frozen brake cylinders, and feels the cold in his bones at the same time. It is the one who works without a certain working schedule and does not have Saturday, Sunday and holiday holidays. Although it looks very simple from the outside, it is the one who turns the wheel with heavy responsibility and high sense of duty. Despite all his efforts, he is involved in accidents, taken into custody, and sleep deprived. Working with great devotion, halal kazanThe moment is the one that wears out while doing its duty.”


Train Engineer, in a safe, comfortable and economical way, within the working time and working rules determined by the laws, occupational health and safety, environment and quality standards, in accordance with the regulations, work instructions, delivery and management of qualified it is a person.


An important part of the Train Mechanic is within the scope of the traction vehicles. Under ideal conditions, the traction vehicle is illuminated, ventilated, free of dust, dirt or pollutants, where humidity and temperature control is ensured. If the working environment is not above international standards, the adverse conditions include the danger of exposure to odor, noise, humidity, vibration, excessive air flow and electric current. During long journeys, it is always in the cabin and night driving can create a sense of loneliness in the profession. There is work at any time of the day and on public holidays. Mechanic is a profession that requires intensive attention and it is necessary to pay attention to occupational health and safety rules without any exception.


Train Engineer; eyes, hands and feet are used in co-ordination. It reacts very quickly to stimulants. It can detect many things at a certain time. Careful, responsible and cool. Distinguish the colors. Bedence is intact and mental health is in place.

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  1. 5 railroads cost 5 billion dollars a year. I wonder if our employees questioning their social rights in detail do think that this money comes from.