Transportation to European Standards

Access to Manisa in European Standards: Cengiz Ergün, mayor of Manisa, went to Belgium to implement modern systems in urban transportation. President of the new generation trolleybus Eroller, who will increase the comfort of transportation, European standards, said they aim to establish a transportation system.

The transportation move initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has gained a new dimension. By taking new modern vehicles and integrating it into urban traffic and re-planning transportation throughout the city, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has started to work to establish a transportation system at European standards. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, went to Brussels, Belgium with Mümin Deniz, Head of Transportation Services Department to examine the new systems. Transferring the transportation system in Manisa, President Ergun, by setting up a transportation network in European standards, said they plan to solve the transportation distress of the city.

Environmental, Fast, Safe System

Public transportation in the center of Manisa draws attention to the problems of President Ergun, trolleybus (electric bus) vehicles, advantages and disadvantages were expressed on the spot. Transferring the vehicles to 18 and 24 meters, President Ergun, the management system that carries out this innovative system also met with information about the system. President Ergun, üs We have examined the new generation of trolleybus vehicles. We have seen the solutions that will ease the circulation of vehicles and passengers in the city in accordance with the optimization projects. We have learned that this system is environmentally friendly, fast, safe and cheap. We will make an evaluation for our city and put all the facilities on the table. Kent

Get Ready for Innovations in Transportation

Manisa city center, especially in the city due to the density of traffic due to bus service President Ergun pointed out that they aim to eliminate the difficulties with these transportation moves. President Ergün, eyi We aim to increase the comfort levels of our workers and university students working in factories in the Organized Industrial Zone. 2016 end As of the beginning of 2017, we will re-plan urban transport and establish a system at European standards. Get ready for innovations in Manisa transportation. We come with both modern and transportation projects that solve problems Hem.

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  1. Good luck, Cengiz Mayor, thanks to you, Manisa has almost jumped. Professor, now I propose you a project that will make Manisa a giant of at least 1.5-2 million people. I propose a national and international airport project in the middle of Manisa-Turgutlu, Salihli-Akhisar and Soma, where a healthy transfer will be provided to these districts. if you do that too will recover from the disadvantage of being near Izmir, Manisa, a second Izmit in Turkey, you will have created a second Bursa. Also Manisa and the companies and entrepreneurs in the districts I consider to belong to Manisamız you set up with contributions from national and you are able to establish and operate as one airline will make Manisa air transportation from international centers and after America both in Turkey will have achieved a first in the world. With my love and respect