The strike of metro employees in London paralyzed life

London's subway workers' strike paralyzed life: London's subway workers went on strike. Everyday life in the city was paralyzed. Every day, about 4 million people traveling on the subway does not work, citizens forced bus stops on their way. But when the buses failed to respond to the “human flood”, there were long queues at the stops.

There were also those who complained about the strike; Those who show understanding:
“8 and a half million people live in London. In a city like this, I think it is very selfish for metro employees to go on strike without considering the consequences of this ”

“The strike didn't impress me much. Of course the buses are very full. But I understand that the money is not the cause of the strike. The strike is about working hours. Employees were told they would work until 2 at night. But they should have foretold the time of the strike. ”

The London Transport Authority (TFL) announced that an additional 200 bus service and the number of river boats have been increased to prevent disruption of transport due to action adversely affecting daily life.

euronews de london:
Ca When the negotiations between the 4 trade union and London metro executives failed, the subway staff found the solution to strike. Of course, this situation has affected the people of London who have suffered the most of the strike. ”

Metro employees, 24 hours on September weekends will begin to serve the 5 metro line employees will work overtime and will respond to the inequality in salaries will occur.

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