Japanese Hitachi Company Builds Railway Traffic System in England

Japanese Company Hitachi Builds Railway Traffic System in England: British railways infrastructure company Network Rail has signed a new agreement with Japanese company Hitachi. According to the agreement, Hitachi has undertaken the signaling of London's north and south Thameslink railways. The price of the deal was announced as 6,5 billion euros. Hitachi was also selected to perform the same operations in certain regions in the west of England.

Network Rail started a joint venture with Thales for rail traffic control of Cardiff and Ramford districts in east London in 2014. Hitachi firm will apply signaling and control models suitable for the new traffic control system built in this region.

Hitachi currently holds the traffic control systems of many regions in Japan. The Hitachi system includes systems such as automatic route settings, power supplies, infrastructure management, information resources for passengers and employees. It can also provide unattended rides where required.


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