Istanbul Tram History

nostalgic tram traveling in history in istanbul
nostalgic tram traveling in history in istanbul

The history of the tram in Istanbul: Trams, which are among the most important elements of urban public transport, began to be used in America (Brodway) in 1852, France (Paris) in 1855 and increasingly in other European cities.

The tram construction in Istanbul took place as a result of the concession to Kostantin Karapano Efendi, and the first line was put into service on July 31, 1871, between Azapkapı and Beşiktaş, in a ceremony held in Tophane. With the “Contract for the Construction of Tramways and Facilities in Dersaadet” on August 30, 1869, the railway operation for passenger and goods transportation in Istanbul streets was given to the “Istanbul Tram Company” founded by Karapano Efendi for 40 years. The company, whose field of activity expanded in the following years, started to be known as 'Dersaadet Tramway Company' from 1881.

One of the first horse-drawn tramways was established between Azapkapı-Beşiktaş and this line was later extended to Ortaköy. Then, Eminönü-Aksaray, Aksaray-Yedikule and Aksaray-Topkapı lines were opened and 430 was used for 4,5 million passengers in the first year of operation and 53 thousand pounds revenue was obtained. Later, the lines of Kabristan Street-Tepebaşı-Taksim-Pangaltı-Şişli, Bayezid-Şehzadebaşı, Fatih-Edirnekapı-Galatasaray-Tünel and Eminönü-Bahçekapı were opened from Vojvoda.

T1 Bağcılar - Kabataş The tram line is one of the railway lines in Istanbul. With an average of 350 thousand passengers per day, the T1 line is the most used rail system in Istanbul transportation. The line, which passes all of its stations except Topkapı station, has 31 stations in use. The first stages were built by Yapı Merkezi on a turnkey basis. With the new additions made to the line between 1992 and 2006, the line reached a total length of 13.2 kilometers and contributed greatly to public transportation in the busiest areas of Istanbul. Uninterrupted transportation has recently begun on T2 and the entire route is T1 Bağcılar-Kabataş It was called the line.

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