The target of the silkworm tram was Anatolia, then Europe

The target of the silkworm tram was Anatolia and then Europe: We are remembering… Recep Altepe 2009 had two great promises when he was the candidate of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor in his local election. The first is a very special stadium to play the matches of Bursaspor, and the second is the Bursa network of the network of tram network.


Du Bursa streets, trams produced in Bursa will travel adi with the promise of vision for the city industry rather than the promise and the target.

The construction of the stadium was finished, the lawns were laid, there was little work left to make the games ready to play.

As for the tram aya

When Altepe announced the tram project for public transport, there were contempts. Even when they said that the tram will be produced in Bursa, lips were seen.


Durmazlar has established a tram production facility for Bursa. In that facility, the silkworm tram was designed by Taha Aydın, an engineer from Bursa.

In other words, Bursa is one of the 6 cities in the world producing tram.

To be honest…

Ipekböceği tram made in Bursa by the Bursa Bursa Engineer was very suitable for Bursa streets.

By the way…

The production of Bursa İpekböceği experienced a short period of Izmir excitement. Gülermak company won the tender for the 22 kilometer tram line of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the proposal of İpekböceği tram. However, during the contract phase, he preferred to leave the Silkworm and prefer the Hyundai brand tram.

By the way…

InnoTrans, the world's largest rail fair in Berlin, attended last year Durmazlar unveils the new model bidirectional tram. We experienced the pride of Silkworm among the subway wagons and trams of the world's giant companies. Silkworm in front Durmazlar We took photos of Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik and Sinan Durmaz, members of the Board of Directors of Makine, in memory of the day.


The first good news for this two-way tram came from Kocaeli yesterday.

19 million 740 thousand Euro bid for the tram tender of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlarwon the two - way Silkworm produced.

According to this…

12 pieces of silkworm tram will be produced for Kocaeli. The deliveries of the trams will commence exactly 12 months after the contract date, and the 18 will be fully delivered in the month.


After the Bursa avenues, the pride of Bursa in the streets of Kocaeli will begin to wander the Silk Road.


A nice tender result is expected from Kayseri as well.

Tram networks that will expand step by step will mean advanced technology production for Bursa industry and will break new ground in industry.

Bursa tram destination: First Anatolia, then Europe

12 million 19 thousand Euro bid by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality DurmazlarThe production of the two-way Silkworm trolley is an important milestone for Bursa.

After the news Haber

Silkworm producing tram Durmazlar We called Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Machinery. It was exciting.

He was happy to win the tender in which the Chinese company gave up and Hyundai was awarded a letter of thanks and advanced technology, high quality and low prices.

. We entered tramway production for Bursa. Therefore, this pride is also Bursa, ”he said and said:

Çift The two-way Silkworm tram we exhibited last year at the InnoTrans rail systems fair in Berlin will begin transporting passengers on the streets of Kocaeli next year. We Durmazlar We are ready for production. ”

He stressed:

Lar We produce trams in European standards. The quality of our production and the aesthetics of our trams are our privileges. Üretim

He stressed:

Var Now we have to produce trams for Anatolia. Europe will follow. Our goals and our dreams are huge. Hedef

He added:

Üyor Actually, we have a duty here for our municipalities. We sanayiciyiz locals, we produce for Turkey. When the rail vehicle from outside is taken, the exchange goes. Therefore, domestic production needs to be supported. Onun

He gave me this information:

”We are starting to produce metro.“


We talked with Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who stands behind the target of the local tram production he set up at 2009.

He was also very happy:

Or The silkworm is spreading everywhere. Silkworm trams will be visited in Anatolian cities soon. But our goal is Europe. Bursa will also be a city exporting trams to European cities. Bursa

He showed his pride openly:

"Turkey is proud of Bursa Bursa tram ride the rails. Our best brand is the best tools we are producing. In Kocaeli, it is not possible for other companies to get off at the price of the Bursa tram. Kocaeli

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