Happy End in Railway Strike in Germany

The End of the Railroad Strike in Germany: The German Railways Deutsche Bahn (WB) and the Machine Association of Machinery (GDL) ended a year-long dispute.

The one-year dispute between the German Railways Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the Machinists Union GDL has ended. The negotiations conducted by the mediators gave results after the 9-strikes in the collective bargaining between the union and the DB could not be achieved. It was announced that the negotiations reached a final agreement and the threat of the strike was over in the negotiations between former Brandenburg Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck (SPD) on behalf of DB and Thüringen Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left Party) on behalf of GDl.

According to the agreement reached as a result of the negotiations, a total of 37 thousand railway workers will receive a 1 percent hike from July 3.5, and a 1.6 percent hike from May next year. In addition, employees will be paid a one-time cash payment of 350 Euros. In order to reduce working hours, it was recorded that the consensus has been reached on the DB hiring 300 new machinists and 100 train staff.



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