EUROTEM to Sakarya 2. setting up the factory

EUROTEM to Sakarya 2. plant: Hundaı EUROTEM Plant General Manager Jeong-Honn Kim stated that they are continuing to allocate space for the 200 thousand square meter factory where they will establish the second in Sakarya.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoglu met with the Consul General of South Korea Republic Taedong Jeon. Hyundai ROTEM company manager Hyo Chul Ahn, Hundaı EUROTEM General Manager Jeong-Hoon Kim and SASKİ General Manager Rüstem Keleş also attended the meeting President Toçoğlu, Sakarya, gave information about the developing industry; he underlined that the city grew up with the social wealth it possesses.

Consul General Taedong Jeon made the following statement during the visit: At Hundaı EUROTEM factory has carried out important works in the rail system. There are studies that will provide further development of Sakarya in the economic field. We're watching them closely. I am located in Turkey nearly three years. I see that you need the most industrial areas in Turkey. around Turkey and Syria, the industrial countries such as Sudan and Iraq, we see that more advanced. Organized Industrial Zones have been developed in Sakarya with the interest of local authorities. Sak

President Toçoğlu informs Consul General Taedong Jeon about Sakarya, bilgiler Fifty percent of our city is agricultural area. Sakarya, in the field of industry, Toyota, Eurotem, Otokar, Tüvasaş, Turkish Tractor and Başak Tractor has many important factories within the body. Thanks to these factories, the city ranks high in the export rankings. We currently have three organized industrial zones. The other three are in the establishment phase; Our work continues. Our goal is to increase the number of organized industrial zones in XIII in Sakarya. In addition, we will create an Automotive Industry Specialized Zone in Karasu. Our work continues in our district port. We continue to develop Sakarya in every field. Sak

Fab We are working on the rail system, rik said Jeong-Honn Kim, General Manager of Hundaı EUROTEM Factory, who gave information about the works of the Hundaı EUROTEM Factory. very important investment on behalf of Turkey until today we have implemented in Sakarya. First of all, we produced a rail system for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The 68 rail vehicle will be operational in Istanbul. We are continuing our works for the allocation of space for our factory in 200 thousand square meters which will be the second one in Sakarya ağ. At the end of the program, President Zeki Toçoğlu gave a gift to Consul General Taedong Jeon on the miniature of the motifs introducing Sakarya.

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