Estonia Russia Train Rides Begins Again

estonia talin station
Photo: Levent Özen / RayHaber

Estonian-Russian train restarts: Russian railways federal passenger company, 3 announced in July that Moscow-St. 10 announced that flights between St. Petersburg and Tallinn will start on July. Russian railways stated that these flights were made especially for fixed passengers between Russia and Estonia.

Tallinn-St. Flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow were suspended by the Est company Go Rail last May. The reason for this was said to be economic and political difficulties between Russia and the European Union.

With the new application, the train departs from Moscow at 21: 20. St. Petersburg and 05: 16 will reach Tallinn. By Tallinn 13 will start flights in July. 38 from Tallinn: The train that departs at 11 St. Petersburg will have reached 15: 20 and Moscow will have reached 23: 07.

Also on these trains 2. and 3. class sleeping cars will be available. There will be separate sections in the wagons for disabled passengers.

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