An objection was filed to the KİKe for the pre-selection result of the Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project infrastructure construction tender

TCDD Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project 2 companies / joint venture appealed to KIK for preliminary selection of infrastructure construction tender

Applications were collected by the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise on May 08, 2014, “Section I between Kayaş - Kırıkkale (Elmadağ - Kırıkkale) (Except V7-V9-V10-V15 Viaducts) (Km 45 + 440-74 + 100) New developments regarding the "Infrastructure Construction Construction" tender were made.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; On 23 June 2015, Doğuş Construction firm objected to the JCC for the pre-election result of the tender on the 24th of June 2015, Şenbay Madencilik - Özgün Yapı joint venture. At this stage, the JCC decision will be expected.
As it is known, the winners of the aforementioned tender were asked to bid on the 06 until July 2015.
Due to objections to the JCC, it is expected to be postponed on the deadline for bidding. The new date will be determined these days.
Reference: Investments 1238 / 22 June 2015 (AP)



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