ESTRAM Becomes an Example to the World

ESTRAM is an example for the world: Eskişehir light rail transportation system ESTRAM sets an example for the world with its innovative and modern transportation system.

Providing information about the operating systems of the tram to delegations from South Korea and Uzbekistan in the past months, ESTRAM officials finally explained the Smart Ticket System to the delegation from Kochi, India.

The projects implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality continue to set an example for various countries around the world. Finally, a delegation from the Indian city of Kochi, first begun in Eskisehir and closely examine the use of the Smart Ticket System integrates with a bank employee and came to Eskişehir in order to observe the applications in Turkey. The Indian delegation examined the turnstiles at tram stops and electronic card readers used in buses and received information from the authorities about the sales and card filling at the ticket offices. The delegation also made examinations on Eskişehir's tram operating system.

George Trelawney, Head of the Transportation Department of AGS Company, which will operate the Kochi Metro, emphasized that ESTRAM is an exemplary system and said that they wanted to implement the Smart Ticket System used in Eskisehir in Kochi and thanked ESTRAM officials.

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