Railway Worker Made Steam Locomotive Model with Original Parts


Railway worker, made with the original model steam locomotive parts: Sivas in Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. Mehmet Öz, 48, who worked as a worker within (TÜDEMSAŞ), made the model of the first domestic steam locomotive 'Bozkurt' produced in Sivas railway factories.

One-to-one copy of the model locomotive completed in the 7 month using the materials in train construction.

Mehmet Öz graduated from Apprenticeship School and started to work at the Wagon Wheel Branch in TÜDEMSAŞ in 1982. Öz has repaired and manufactured wagon wheels for years. Öz, who saw 'Bozkurt', the first domestic steam locomotive produced in Sivas railway factories located in front of the factory on his arrival and departure, gave up his model. With the help of his friends, Öz started working to replicate 'Bozkurt' outside working hours. As a result of 7 months of work, Öz reconstructed 'Bozkurt', which was built in 1961, with a size of 1 meter and 45 cm. Republic of Turkey on the date of the first domestic car engine block model produced in commemoration of Sivas 'Revolution' was called.


Completing the model he created with the small diameter parts used in the production of wagons in the factory, Mehmet Öz said, “All of them are original products. There is no external order. All of them are materials that we bend, twist, boil with our own labor. It has an average weight of around 80-90 pounds. One on one by real train. The real train has been reduced to 10/1. My main goal was to make it steamy, but since I couldn't do it in my current possibilities, we did it electrically. We have prepared its infrastructure. He will hang out in a day or two. ”

Heirloom of the 'Revolution'

Expressing that he thought the name of the model locomotive as 'Revolution'; "The Republic of Turkey for the first time in the history of the domestic automakers' revolution of the engine block was cast in our foundry in Sivas. His heirloom, I want to name his name 'Revolution' in his memory. ” Öz said that the locomotive already had many suitors but could not decide what to do yet.

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