CHP deputy Aydin, BURULAS protested the hike

CHP deputy Aydin, BURULAS protested the hike: the citizens of Bursa, a person who came to the CHP deputy Erkan Aydin, BURULAS'ın 8,2 wanted to withdraw the transportation hike.
CHP Bursa Deputy Erkan Aydın visited the tradesmen and listened to their troubles. Receiving the complaints about the transportation hike, Attorney Aydın spoke to BURULAŞ officials. Noting that the price hike in transportation pricing should not be completely withdrawn, Erkan Aydın said, “In the statements made by BURULAŞ, they stated that they had to increase the wages in transportation due to both the increases in labor and the increase in foreign currency. It should not necessarily cause harm, we respect it, but it should not be for profit. We believe that it is an institution whose primary duty is to carry and that should do this with minimum wage. I want to call from here, it would be much better if these hikes were completely lifted, but if there is a withdrawal and a decrease, it will be in favor of our citizens ”.



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