Bursa breaks its shell m Burulaş's operation is the new model for TCDD

The State Railways is the oldest and the oldest established transport organization. It has been carrying passengers and cargo by train since its establishment.
The Bursa Fast Train project did not work as it was targeted with a variety of reasons and factors, but TCDD remains the railway transportation brand.
As an institution, it is also a fact that there are renewal problems. More precisely, the understanding of TCDD is far behind the transport models in the world.
Nowadays ...
There is a serious quest to close this gap and to assemble the new concept of railway management. Moreover, there are steps taken in this direction.
In this regard Bu
As a model, TCDD chose Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
In addition to the Bursaray and Silkworm tramway, it has become a model with its Burulaş structure and approach, which includes all kinds of transportation in the air, land, sea, and even rail such as bus, sea bus, seaplane and helicopter operation.
The steps between the two institutions were laid between Ömer Yıldız, General Manager of TCDD, and Levent Fidansoy, General Manager of Burulaş.
Heard ...
We called Fidansoy. And he said:
Kurum Railways are a former institution. Although he tries to renew himself, he has an ossified staff. Moreover, the majority of the staff continues as a family tradition. Üst
He stressed:
Or So, the son of his father, who worked as a railroad, continues in the same job. There are too many people in this situation and they are trying to do business with the method of seeing from the father. Bu
He continued:
Unda Railways have to be dynamic. It also has to be dynamic in the structural sense. Therefore, it wants to renew its corporate understanding with a radical change. O
At this point…
His proposal to TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız is as follows:
“I offered him the Burulaş model. I explained with this model that they can be more dynamic in corporate and business sense. Le
The model he suggested explained:
Ası First of all, Railways need to allocate investment and management. They can continue their investments as institutions. But it is worth to establish a new company that will operate with private sector logic and dynamism. Özel
He added:
M If such an institutional structure is provided, there is no need for privatization. “
At this point…
We asked TCDD's approach to its proposal. Fidansoy also said:
Gis The Burulaş model I proposed attracted a lot of attention. They took their agenda as TCDD. They are now examining us. Şimdi

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