Bursa Görükleye Rail System Coming

Bursa Görükleye Rail System is coming: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality organized in Görükle street iftar participating in the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, said the rail system will reach the region as soon as possible.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe participating in the street iftar organized in Görükle said that the rail system will reach the region as soon as possible.

The streets of the city center in the city center, especially in the city center organized by 17 iftars, Görükle in the scene was a colorful image. Mayor Recep Altepe, AK Party Nilüfer District President Celil Çolak, Görükle District Headman Harun Kızıl, Dumlupınar District Headman Reşat Aktaş, Metropolitan bureaucrats and citizens attended. Hundreds of citizens along with fasting opened the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, stating that they are stronger with Turkey's pursuit of a powerful city rail system will reach soon hailed Görükle. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Altepe pointed out that they made efforts for this cause and met with all kinds of needs of the city center and districts.

Altun emphasized that Görükle will be lifted not only with the rail system but also with the other investments. He said. Yes, he will. Already auspicious auspicious. There will be not only the rail system but also the sports facilities, youth and cultural centers. Hasan Güney School is called an additional building. He'il be there. Why are we on duty? To serve. We'il do our best for him. Not enough to spoil the taste of our mouth, Yeter he said.

Ramadan activities on main arteries such as Altepe, Merinos and Hüdavendigar parks and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, sohbet and stated that they organize entertainment programs. Stating that their goal is to experience Ramadan, the sultan of the 11 months, in the best way, and that they are getting ahead in this day by day, Mayor Altepe said, “We know that Ramadan is the month of mercy and abundance. It is a blessed month in which brotherhood and friendships are consolidated and an atmosphere of love and peace is established. According to Islam, he is the sultan of 11 months. We are trying to make the most of this blessed month. We are making our people experience beauties with iftar tables opened in Görükle and all other towns, and organizations in the squares. "We cannot be thankful enough to Allah, who provides us with opportunities."



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