The full ownership right of this card is passed to BURULAŞ

The full ownership right of BuKart passes to BURULAŞ: Even if we talk about different urban problems and concerns, such an agenda is experienced even in the major cities of the world.
There are also beautiful things in Bursa, and there are applications and services that are the first and the most model to be present.
Metropolitan Municipality, Erdogan Bilenser electronic fare collection system started with the period '
Although the period of paper tickets in the public transport was over, the private card with the money-loading card provided convenience and economic pricing.
To Turkey, and was the first example.
Even after years and gradually, the system that Istanbul and Ankara had been able to pass through, had been moved to a geç City Card lar property called BuKart.

Bursa City Museum and Bursa Zoo, such as charging is entered. The public toilets in Ulucami also serve with the same system.
At 2002, when signing de
allowing the introduction of the system in Turkey and widespread e-Kent 8-year build-operate-transfer model based on private business era had begun. Later, 5 was extended for years.
No longer…
The system moves to local government.
Bursa Transportation Co. under the Metropolitan Municipality. (BURULAS), in the coming days the system takes over the full ownership right.
E-Kent of Çalık Holding, while other major and other important cities continue to operate, there is a knowledgeable and experienced senior manager and some other staff levels to be acquired in Bursa.
With the Söz
Bursa Transportation Inc. and thus the Metropolitan Municipality will achieve significant gains with its direct management.

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