Bombardier becomes train supplier for London's LOTRAIN project

Bombardier became a train supplier for London's LOTRAIN project: Bombardier Transportation was the supplier of 45 electric trains to London under the LOTRAIN project. The cost of trains 558 million dollars was announced.

Per Allmer, head of Western Europe, Middle East and Africa regions of Bombardier Transportation, said in a statement that they have signed a very important agreement and that as of this agreement, their companies can always offer high quality and technical support.

As a result of the agreement signed, London traffic is planned to be reduced and travel times will be shortened by this project. It was also announced that a high level of service would be offered as comfort.

The 31 train to be delivered at the first stage of the project is planned to be used in London between Enfiels Town, Chesnut and Chingford and Romford-Upminister, while the remaining 14 train is planned to be used in the streets of London. In another statement, the company announced that new trains will be available in December 2017 and October 2018.

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