2. Etap ANTRAY Puzzle

Antalya Tram Map
Antalya Tram Map
  1. The riddle of stage ANTRAY: EXPO 2016 has opened its doors for 276 days.

When we announced that EXPO 2016 will be held in Antalya, we all made great dreams.

Why not set up; Antalya needed lower and upper building investments, and thanks to EXPO, we will have new roads and connection roads. We'il have a high-speed train. The number of arriving tourists will increase. Antalya, which is the brand in the Mediterranean destination of tourism, will be introduced in the country 100.

This didn't last long.

Because the EXPO law does not come out for a long time, the regulations are not prepared immediately, the number of participating countries to be announced as 100 20'li numbers, the number of participants to increase the number of countries to bring money to work as well as the development of the fast train EXPO 2016 is not included in the investment program, the environment Explaining that the roads would not be raised (North-East Ring Road) killed our dreams.

Following the elections for June Deputy of 7, this time the ruling party will be required to train both the high-speed train and the ring roads to the EXPO 2016, and the existing Light Rail System (ANTRAY) will be extended to the airport and then to the EXPO 2016 Area. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications was announced.

We are glad that at least the Light Rail System was built by the ministry, saying ına it's better than nothing “.

What is this?

Yesterday in the newspapers, between the square and EXPO 2016 18.1 km Light Rail System, the auction stage of the news has been published.

According to the news, 25 2016 241 on August, 2 days before the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality XNUMX. stage will be auctioned for vehicles to run on the rail line.

Before the general election, it was announced that this investment would be done by the ministry. But we see that the municipality is preparing to bid for 18 wagons.

Well, let's say the municipal cars are taking over, who will make the tracks?

Besides, 2. a major part of the route will pass the rail system of the Highways.

Isn't a mutual protocol required for a municipality to do something in another institution's responsibility?

According to the report, 18.1 km long Rail System 2. Stage Project cost 298 million pounds.

This is a serious figure.

Will the Metropolitan Municipality be able to cover this price?

According to the results of a small research I made, 2 million 500 thousand euros in advance if the price of a wagon is 3 million 500 thousand euros.

'I'll buy in advance' 2 million 500 thousand euros x 18 Wagon = 45 million euros.

'I'm too hard to buy in advance and I'll take a term for it'; 3 million 500 Euro x 18 Wagon = 73 million Euro.

132 million pounds in advance when you hit Turkish currency, 365 million pounds in term.

According to the report, the project cost 298 million pounds.

Which budget line will this money leave?

Believe me, I can't get out of this.

If I don't remember the cost of the 18.1 km 1.Etap Light Rail System of ANTRAY, construction works, vehicles (wagons) with E $ M jobs were total 120 million dollars,

323 million pounds by today's exchange rate. That's 110 million Euros.

According to the news news agency news agencies, I made an assessment. But first, I want to know the answers to these questions;

Has the Ministry of Transport abandoned the project?

If it has given up, the Metropolitan Municipality wants to implement this project again with short, medium and long term borrowing?

Finally, I wonder; According to the information from my head in Bursa Durmazlar Where is the machinery company (rail system producing wagons) in this project?

Source: Abdullah YALÇIN - I www.haberantalya.co

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