UK train crash 5 cow died

UK train crash 5 killed cow: A train belonging to the Southeastern railways hit the cows on rails last night.

London Charing Croos-Ramsgate flights in the city of the city of 21.45 as a result of the result of a collision, the front of the driver's car was derailed. Passengers were not dead or injured, five of the cows hit by the train was announced dead. The train was closed after the 65 train crash.

Immediately after the accident, trains using the same route were warned and their voyages stopped. After the fire and rescue teams arrived, the passengers were taken to the nearby Godmersham village and then sent to their homes by alternative means of bus and trains.

With the Transport Police from the scene, the accident investigation agency tBTP teams began to investigate.

Network Rail's statement kazanThe exact location of the river was specified between Wye and Chilham in the Godmersham district.

Southeastern General Manager David Statham said that damage occurred on the tracks due to the collision, and the train line, Ashford and Ramsgate and Canterbury West, will remain closed until Wednesday due to repairs.

Transport Police officials said they were looking for the owner of the cows that caused the accident.

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