Injured Level Crossing In Malatyas 2 Injured

📩 07/12/2018 15:56

In Malatya Level Crossing Accident 2 Injured: 2 people were injured in the car hit by the train at the level crossing in Malatya Details from the scene of the accident - Images of the car and the train crash In Malatya level crossing accident: 2 injured - 2 injured in the car hit by the train At the level crossing in Malatya According to the information obtained, the freight train numbered E2 under the management of Erdal Polat and Şükrü Bingöl in front of the air lodges of Yeşilyurt district hit the car with 46031 AG 06 plate under the direction of Kamil Özkara, who was learned to be a military personnel, while returning to the train station. Adil Özkara, who was in the car with the driver Özkara, was injured. It was learned that the injured, who were taken to the Malatya State Hospital by ambulance, were in good health.

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