12, Driver 10 Sentenced to 5 Year at XNUMX Train Personnel

TCDD Barrier was sentenced to 12 years and the driver to 10 years in the train disaster in which 5 people died: The arrested defendants on trial for the train disaster, which resulted in the death of 12 people in Mersin, injuring 3 people, the 28-year-old barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, 10 years, and the service driver Fahri Kaya, 30, were sentenced to 5 years. years in prison.

In Mersin, 12 people were killed and 3 injured in the train disaster, and the detained defendants were sentenced to 28 years, barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, 10, and service driver Fahri Kaya, 30, to 5 years in prison. Sinan Özpolat, Oğuzhan Beyazıt, Mine Serten, Onur Adlı, Ayhan Akkoç, Mehmet Akşam, Ünal when the passenger train numbered 20 hit a minibus with plate number 62028 M 33 at the level crossing in the central Akdeniz District Adanalıoğlu District on 1104 March. Acar, Harun Salık, Cavit Yılmaz, Kenan Erdinç, Mustafa Doygun and Halil Demir lost their lives. Driver Fahri Kaya and Servet Çelik and Uğur Ateş in the vehicle were injured. According to the expert report in the indictment issued after the incident, it was stated that the barrier officer Erhan Kılıç was at fault 60 percent, the TCDD 30 percent, the service driver Fahri Kaya 10 percent, while Kılıç and Kaya were accused of causing death and injury by negligence for 15 years. A lawsuit was filed with the request of up to imprisonment. The detained defendants, relatives of those who lost their lives in the accident and the lawyers of the parties attended the decision hearing of the case held at the 1st High Criminal Court.

Barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, who made his last defense, said, “When I heard the bell sound while lowering the barriers, he should have taken precautions. Mobese image shows that the vehicle is passing fast. What would happen if the barrier malfunctioned when I pressed the button? According to the traffic rules, the driver of the minibus should act carefully. The driver of the vehicle did not see the train because it was speeding and passed without looking left or right. I am not guilty, I want my release, ”he said. The driver of the service vehicle, Fahri Kaya, emphasized that he did not accept the accusations in his last word and said, “The tower he was in during his duty as a barrier officer is about 4 meters above the ground. He can see the incoming train. According to the Railways directorate, he had to close the barrier 3 minutes before the train passed. "I made the transition according to the rules." The court board, which ended the hearing, sentenced the barrier guard defendant Erhan Kılıç to 10 years and the service driver Fahri Kaya to 5 years in prison. In the meantime, the relatives of those who lost their lives in the train disaster, claiming that the court's punishment given to the defendants was low, saying, “Where is justice, why were these people who took 12 lives less punished?” they reacted by saying.

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