We will export fast train set to the world

We will export high-speed train sets to the world: As a result of the trainings given to teachers working in vocational and technical high schools with the ece Training of Trainers ehir protocol signed between Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of National Education, Tülomsaş General Directorate, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, the participants were awarded certificates.
At the ceremony held at the General Directorate of Tülomsaş briefing hall; Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avcı, Provincial Director of National Education Necmi özen, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Savaş Özaydemir, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Ahmet İskender Bayar, teachers, trainees and guests attended.
Governor Tuna said in his speech at the ceremony that the General Directorate of Tulomsaş made great contributions to the country's economy. Tuna, büyük Tülomsaş, 30'a close to our province offers a great contribution. Our country is cultivating quality elements. We will soon build our High Speed ​​Train here. But before this, both industrialists and businessmen: 'We need to raise good apples as soon as' they say. Investment in people is the most important investment. You know, raising people is not like raising anything else. It takes a very long effort and effort. Çok
Governor Tuna, who wants all the institutions to cooperate in the training of qualified personnel, emphasized that this understanding and Eskişehir people have this consciousness. Governor Tuna, Tülomsaş'un very large changes into the country, the factory has made a great contribution to the country in every way recently, he said. Noting that a high-speed train set cost 25-30 million Euros, Governor Tuna stated that soon Tülomsaş will build a high-speed train set and export to the world. Turkey's target 2023 also mentioned Governor Tuna, "Our 2023 and what more needs to be done for us to reach beyond the fact that certain targets, say those who know the business. In particular, to invest in high value-added, high-quality and high-technology sectors, to open up to new markets with world-class products. If the matter is only to meet our own means, we do it somehow, but we need to sell it out and increase our export targets, employment and production. We must draw our direction to our new generation of young people. We need to prepare our new generation well and prepare them for the future. Yeni
Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avci said that the support of the project will continue. General Manager Avcı, who said that he believes that a good education and quality people will be raised, emphasized that it is necessary to work continuously for quality production. General Manager Avcı emphasized the need to be a shareholder in the production of high quality. If we want to be more happy, we need to invest more in our future students. In this context, we will continue to invest in our future youth, Bu he said.
President of ESO Savaş Özaydemir explained the main idea of ​​the project. Özaydemir said, ara The need for an exceptionally high number of intermediaries has increased in recent times, and it continues to increase. Öz President Ozaydemir informed that they want to search for the latest technology according to the latest technology, and gave information from the Eskişehir industrial sector.
the Provincial Education Director Najm Özen, ESO and eto'yl signed the protocol should be said that Turkey's brand of teachers studying at TÜLOMSAS update information.
Speaking on behalf of the trainee teachers Arif Özkan, about 10 daily period in various branches of education, he said. After the speeches, participants were given certificates by Governor Tuna, General Manager Avcı, Provincial Director of National Education Özen, ESO President Özaydemir and ETO Assembly President Bayar.

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  1. In the case of the passenger car, it is more experienced. So YHT ni adapazarı should be produced. Tuffows should manufacture the locks or wool wagons and sell more than the other. Training of trainers should be carried out by railway experts, not from outside. The experience of the railway is worthy of the 5 faculty training. Even the universities are far from providing information. The training should be carried out by experts from TCDD or from retired experts.