Transformer Exploded at ESTRAM Maintenance Center

Transformer Explosed in ESTRAM Maintenance Center: Technician 29-year-old Serhat Erdoğan, who tried to eliminate the failure of a transformer in Eskişehir Light Rail System Operation (ESTRAM) Maintenance Center, where trams carrying urban passenger transportation in Eskişehir, was injured as a result of the explosion of the transformer. Burning his face, arms and upper part of the waist, Erdogan was taken to Istanbul by ambulance helicopter.

The incident occurred at noon at the Metropolitan Municipality ESTRAM Care Center in Şeker Mahallesi. Electrical technician Serhat Erdoğan, who wanted to fix the malfunction in the transformer, was injured due to the explosion in the transformer. Burning above the waist with his face, hands and arms, Erdoğan was taken to Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) Hospital with 112 ambulance.

Serhat Erdogan, who had the necessary intervention in the emergency room, had an ambulance helicopter belonging to the Ministry of Health from Istanbul. Lütfi Kırdar was taken to Kartal Training and Research Hospital. Erdogan was treated in the burn unit here.

Authorities of Eskişehir Police Department reported that the investigation of the transformer explosion was continuing.

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