Drivers are informed about level crossing

The drivers were informed about Level Crossing: In the International Level Crossing Awareness Day, the drivers were served Turkish delight at Söke. The International Level Crossroad Awareness Day, announced in 2009, was celebrated in an activity held at the nursing home level on the İzmir-Bodrum Highway in Aydın-Söke District by the International Railways Association (UIC).

Izmir Regional Directorate of State Railways Söke Turkey was selected pilot districts in the activities it performs for the first time. In the application in Söke, the Nursing House, which was closed at the crossing of the train that made the Söke-Aydın expedition, was offered delight to the drivers waiting at the level crossing, while brochures and booklets about the correct use of the level crossings were distributed and the drivers and passengers in the vehicles were informed.

TCDD Izmir 3rd Region Manager Murat Bakır, who participated in the application while thanking the DDY officers in the application, pointed out that most of the level crossing accidents occurred as a result of the road vehicle drivers not complying with the rules, acting hastily and carelessly. TCDD İzmir 3rd Region Manager Murat Bakır ”As TCDD, our hope is to provide transportation services with the principle of“ zero risk, zero accident ”in the highest level of traffic safety and transportation safety standards, in which all modes of transportation are isolated in others.

However, considering the geography of our country, the current state of transportation networks and settlements, it is clear that it is not possible to reach the goal of transportation modes to be completely independent from each other in a short time from today to tomorrow. Our organization could not be a spectator to this situation, which cost a lot of lives and property for many of our people every year and caused the destruction of our national wealth. With a high sense of responsibility, TCDD has undertaken a series of works to reverse this situation, which threatens the life and property safety of our people, and to minimize level crossing accidents. Since 2003, I want to give examples of the works we have carried out with a comprehensive and holistic action plan with the goal of "zero risk zero accident at level crossings". As a result of the improvements we made in level crossings, a total of 12 crossings with a high accident risk were closed in the last 1.602 years, and the number of level crossings from 4.810 was reduced to 3.208. The unprotected 603 level crossing, which is especially located in residential areas and has a high risk of accidents, has been protected and secured. As a result of our work, the number of protected level crossings was increased to 1.050 and rubber and composite coating was applied to the level crossings for safer and more comfortable passage. In the 11-year period, 78 million lira was spent on the level crossing works. ” said.

Bakır added that the comforting results of our works towards eliminating the dramatic table in level crossing accidents have begun to be seen in a short time. “2000 accidents occurred at level crossings in 361, as of September 2014, this number dropped by 89 percent to 41 accidents. In our Regional Directorate, the level crossing, which was 2003 in total in 925, has been reduced to 545 today. ”

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