Last situation in Kentkart crisis Invalid cards started to change

The current situation in the Kentkart crisis The change to invalid cards has started: In the current electronic card system in Izmir, the inactive “invalid cards” started to be replaced with new ones in the crisis that started on June 1. After the examination, the balance amounts in the cards will be returned from the passengers whose contact information will be obtained.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate In Izmir, 1,5 million boarding in the day of the tender made in public transportation contractor firmmanan after the change in the electronic smart cards reflected in the courts and the problems related to the crisis have solved to a large extent. However, ESHOT, which started a paper ticket application temporarily about invalid cards that did not comply with the system, finally found the remedy to replace the invalid cards with the activation cards that were suitable for the system.

ESHOT started the exchange of invalid cards with the announcements posted by municipal buses, İZBAN and Metro stations, Izdeniz Piers. In the announcements, “It is necessary to replace the invalid cards used in the integrated public transportation system and having problems with the transition to the new system. In order to replace invalid cards, it is necessary to apply for card and identity information and exchange centers ”. It was pointed out that it does not apply to personalized teachers, students, age 60 and age 65 cards with pictures above the change. The number of invalid cards that need to be replaced is estimated to be 8-9.

Passengers' contact details will be taken during the card exchange. Invalid cards, the amount of the balance to be determined in the system after the examination will be returned to the passengers. Exchange of invalid cards Çiğli İzban Station, Karşıyaka İzban Station, Halkapınar Transfer Center, Şirinyer Transfer Center, F. Altay Transfer Center, Üçkuyular Metro Entrance, Konak (Bahribaba) Transfer Center, Bornova (Hospital) Transfer Center, Bornova (Evka-3) Transfer Center, İzdeniz Karşıyaka Pier and Konak Storey Car Park will be built in six Card Exchange Units.

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