TCDD 60 denial of the news of the high-speed train to million euros

TCDD 60 million euros denials speed train haul news: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in a newspaper about the railway line between the Exhibition Center-Gebze "60 million euros speed trains haul" denied the report titled.

In a written statement from TCDD, 23 stated in a newspaper on the date of June 2015 that the news titled gaz 60 million euro high speed train Haziran does not reflect the truth.

Ilgili While the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the railway line between Köseköy and Gebze was initially programmed as two lines, it was decided to build an additional line considering the future traffic density, and that there would be no extra payment for this additional line. has not been olmamış said.

It was recorded that the project's processes were carried out in a transparent manner under the European Union (EU) legislation with the approval of the EU and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

It was stated that the news was slanderous and that the institution turned into a smear campaign.

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