Students Completed Alimunotermit Rail Supply Operations Successfully

Students Alimünotermit Rail Welding Operations Training to Successfully Completes Malatya Martyrs Kemal Özalper the Ministry of Vocational and Technical High School of the European Union, the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency (Turkey National Agency) Erasmus + Vocational Learner and Staff Mobility adopted under the Projects " He successfully completed his project named “Alimunothermite Rail Welding Operations Training in Europe” and returned home.

3 Rail Systems Technology Area students, who went to Dorsten, in the city of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany between May 31 and May 2015, 45, benefited from the project titled “Training for Alumunothermite Rail Welding Operations in Europe”. The project took place in 30 groups and 15 streams, 2 and 2.

Providing information about the project, Project Coordinator Fikret Nurettin Kapudere said, “With our project, we provided theoretical and practical training on Alimunothermite Rail Welding Operations for 2 weeks to the Rail Systems Technology Field Students, who are receiving basic vocational training in our institution. Thus, we tried to ensure their professional development. In addition, we participated in various social and cultural activities. Some of those; 1. Paris Louvre Museum, 7.DASA Arbeitswelt Dortmund Occupational Safety Museum, Oberhausen Schwerindustrie Railway Museum, Recklinghausen Electricity Museum, de Stad Gent Belgium, Duisburg Landschaftspark Iron and Steel Factory. We examined international railway stations such as Cologne, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. We made trips by comparing old and new technologies with the Paris Metro. This project not only supports the professional development of our students, but also gives a vision to the youth. kazanIt was also important in terms of improving their self-confidence, supporting their personal development and enabling their adaptation to a foreign culture. By improving their foreign language skills, our students gained the skills to be separated from their families for the first time and to meet their own needs.”

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