TÜDEMSAŞ visit from Selim Dursun

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Selim Dursun's visit to TÜDEMSAŞ: Selim Dursun, who was elected as a Sivas deputy from the AK Party, according to unofficial results at the 5th Term Deputy General Elections, visited TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan in his office.

During his visit, Dursun stated that TÜDEMSAŞ is a developing brand of Sivas. Stating that TÜDEMSAŞ will become the freight wagon center of Europe and the Middle East, Dursun said, "We will do our best to bring TÜDEMSAŞ to better points."

Dursun indicating the development TÜDEMSAŞ to cut the front of the civic migration in Sivas, he said: "Our TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas, our Turkey, Europe and the Middle East will certainly be the center of freight cars. No one should have any hesitation at this point. We are in a position to do anything to achieve this. TÜDEMSAŞ became able to produce freight wagons at international standards by obtaining TSI certificate. The Welding Training Center established within its own structure has certified 700 people so far, and has become to train welders in Sivas and various parts of our country in the international arena. During my TÜDEMSAŞ trip, I saw that each unit achieved international standards. "

Thanking TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçaraslan and his team, Dursun said, “They have made TÜDEMSAŞ much more advanced in the last 2-3 years. Everyone who is equal with yesterday and today is at a loss. Their labor should not be lost. I wish them to put forward their works that will lead to better projects and better works ”.



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