Sekapark-Otogar Tramway construction should start in schools

Sekapark-Otogar Tramway construction should start when schools are on holiday: 7 is three weeks after the elections in June, two weeks have passed since the summer school entrance. A lot of work has to be done in this city. Moreover, if a job is to be done in this city, it should be started in the summer between the day the schools closed and in the autumn the day between the re-opening of the schools and as far as possible.

I know that I write this very often. But I can't explain my problem. Kocaeli is losing time again. There are many issues related to the city in the agenda. There is the subject of Sekapark-Otogar Tramway project in the front .. It is not easy job. Streets will be closed for a long time. Every place will stay in dust.

For such a project, the 14 must have been hit on Monday (June), where there is a local government team that follows their work well, makes the investment calendar properly and acts responsibly towards the city and its people. During the three-month period of school holidays, the city is relatively secluded; at least, the demolition of the expropriated buildings is done, starting from the streets where the city traffic is the busiest, and in the autumn of Izmit, a program would be less disturbed.

We ask the authorities; Hal What happened to the tram business? Dir The same answer for days,? We did the tender. The business was given to the company that gave the second lowest bid. The lowest bidder objected to the tender. It's a process. We await the outcome of the appeal. İ

In fact, as of today, nobody knows anything about the tram project. There is also a case of cancellation of the tender and re-auction.
A team that works well, working well, had to think about all this. Why was the 30 from 2014, 2015, and 14 for May 14? If all of these bureaucratic works were done, if really a tramway was going to be built in Izmit, XNUMX should have been hit by this city when the schools closed on June. Money is ready for the tram project. No problem. But somehow construction cannot be started.

There are many more examples .. İzmit Municipality, Karabaş Neighborhood, Ulugazi Primary School behind the İkizliçeşme Street will renew. But when will it do? But when will we do? .. We remember the construction projects in the Acisu Park of Izmit Municipality, around the Belsa Plaza. They all took longer than planned, all of which created serious problems for the city. The job at İkizliçeşme Street is not a little ice. More tender was made. It is not clear when construction will begin. 14 Let the schools open in September, every child going to Ulugazi will go through this construction site. Service vehicles will not find a place to park. For months, there will be great turmoil.

This side of the business does not care about city managers .. Now this city is empty .. Now relatively comfortable. Now is the time to do business in this city. Our city is ruled by the people who are expected to join the iftar invitation at the evening. Ğ In fact, it is time to do full business in this city and to raise the city. But look, there's nothing around you.

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