Sathi Plated Road Disassembled, BTS To Do

Surface Coating Road Dismantled, BTS Will Be Made: Asphalt work is being carried out at 5 km on the Kars-Erzurum road in the direction of Selim.
Regarding the issue, 18th Regional Director of Highways Turan Yılmaz stated that the road between Kars and Selim had been surface coated in the past years, and now the work has been started to make "Integrated Hot Coating (BTS)".
Expressing that surface paved asphalt has a life of 18 months, Yılmaz, 6th Regional Director of Highways, said, “Now, 'Integrated Hot Coating (BTS)' is being made. In the past, the roads were surface coated due to lack of funds. This road has also been built. The roads of our region also deteriorate early before the freeze thaws, due to snow fighting and salting. We turn it into the road called 'Concrete Asphalt' among the people. In doing this, we raise the standard. We expand the road by 1 meter. We use frost resistant materials. " said.
Expressing that they are working in an area of ​​5 km in order not to disturb the nation in the work carried out on one side of the road between Kars and Selim, Yılmaz said, “We will go 5 or 5 each without causing traffic difficulties. The season is narrow here, and citizens cannot work for 3 days due to rainfall. Because the soil is mud and does not load. Since we cannot provide the optimum compression, we cannot do anything. It rained a lot last night, this is negatively affecting our work. " he spoke.
Stating that they will complete the road works between Kars and Selim this year, Yılmaz said, “I hope we will finish 5, 5 each, we have a goal to finish until Selim this year. We are doing the inside of Selim, we are doing Sarıkamış. " completed his words in the form.
On the other hand, the asphalt work carried out shortly before the elections causes reactions. Citizens, Sarıkamış forests in the past and launched as many asphalt work on the route, although many years passed, he said. Sarıkamış Forest road, 8 year passed, but emphasized that the new has been finished.




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