Answers to Questions in Izmir Gulf Transition Project

Questions Searched for the Questions in the Izmir Bay Crossing Project: The Gulf Crossing Project, which will cover the highway and rail system planned to be built between İnciraltı and Çiğli in İzmir for 3.5 billion TL, was showcased.

The Gulf Crossing Project, which will cover the highway and rail system planned to be built for 3.5 billion TL between İnciraltı and Çiğli in İzmir, was launched. The representatives of professional chambers, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications officials and the company that prepared the project sweated the company with questions such as cost, contribution to urban transportation, negative impact on circulation in the bay, whether it will disrupt the horizon visually.

The countdown has begun for the 'Gulf Passage' project, which was prepared to connect the two sides of Izmir, Balçova and Çiğli, and created public debate. During the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of the project to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, among the projects proposed by former Minister Binali Yıldırım during his previous Metropolitan nomination, Balçova, Çiğli, Narlıdere, Karşıyaka The meeting was held in the Izmir Chamber of Commerce Assembly Hall within the boundaries of Konak District.

The meeting, district attendance, while the chambers, industry associations and association representatives showed interest.

At the meeting moderated by Environment and Urbanization Provincial Director Selahattin Varan, project manager Özgür Uğurlu from Yüksel Proje company that prepared the project and company officials who prepared the EIA file gave information. The construction tender can be made after the EIA process that will last 18 months. During the construction phase of the project, two crushing and screening facilities (quarry to provide the necessary materials for construction), 2 concrete plants and one asphalt plant plant will be built in the project area. The construction will take 2017 years between 2022-5. The highway section of the gulf crossing is near Çiğli 2nd Main Jet Base, 12 kilometers between the Sasalı Junction and İnciraltı Çeşme Highway, and the rail system line Karşıyaka Starting from the tramway to Üçkuyular pier will be 16 km long. The project will be a total 1.8 kilometer length with 4.2 kilometers immersed tube tunnel, 800 kilometers long Gulf Bridge, 8.2 meters long artificial island and connecting roads. Immersed tube tunnel width, 43.40 meter, the lowest base excavation elevation of immersed tunnel was determined as minus 32 meters. According to the data in the project, the journey between these two points of 32 km from the coastal roads in the current traffic situation takes 70 minutes and 52 minutes with the 45 kilometers perimeter. With this total 12 kilometer project, 10 will last minutes. The companies that prepared the projects suggested that the project be done with build-operate-transfer model. Cost 3 billion 520 million TL announced. Company officials said the project was not feasible financially.


Most of the questions of the president and representatives of the professional chambers who took the floor at the meeting, which are important for the project and the city, were not answered. It was said that the questions would be forwarded to Ministry officials. Hasan Topal, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Architects, drew attention to the fact that he used the statement that it is not fully suitable for feasibility studies in the presentation. Topal said, “Why are you implementing a non-physical project? Why did you bring it here? Also, this project is not a proposal for Izmir city plans. How was the decision taken to implement this project, which is not one of the projects with a city plan? İzmir's most important wealth is its natural bay. This project has the risk of destroying the bay. This project destroys the skyline of Izmir. It is seen that there will be damage to the natural areas and wetlands of İzmir within certain areas. It is said that these risks will be eliminated. How are we going to go? In addition, the project is functionally a project that has nothing to do with the housing and business transportation demands of Izmir. Examples such as Hong Kong and Amsterdam were given in the examples shown. How can the city, which has a history of 150 thousand years, be compared with the city examples of 8 years? " she asked. Varan, who directed the meeting, said that Hasan Topal's questions were important and comprehensive, and that they would be evaluated and answered later.


Ayhan Emekli, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said, “This project will connect the north and south of the city, but it will create a long barrier on the bay. Konak Tunnel also made a distinction between the east and west of the city today. Who will use this road to be built in the project on the way from İnciraltı to Çiğli? I think it will be an intercity connection road, not an inner city connection road. "This road does not contribute to the urban transportation problem." Erhan İçöz, Head of the Chamber of Geophysical Engineers, said that enough geophysical studies were not transferred in the project. İçöz stated that it is not included whether detailed research has been done on the fault lines. Varan said that these questions and opinions will be forwarded to the Ministry.


TMMOB Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Melih Yalçın pointed out that the Gulf crossing project would cost 3.5 billion TL and said, “There is 3.5 billion lira to be spent on transportation in İzmir. Can't this money be spent on more important public transport projects, other areas? Can't resources be used more accurately? Has it been studied how many kilometers of rail system can be built with this money? " directed the question. Varan, who directed the meeting, said "I hope they will do this and that, too."


One of the most important questions about the Gulf crossing project was whether the project will block the circulation, which is the biggest problem of the Izmir Bay. It was stated that especially the artificial island and bridge piers will affect the circulation. Yüksel Proje officials who prepared the project also said that it is certain that the artificial island will have an effect on circulation, but they have created a model to minimize this. He argued that they would manufacture the island at the point where the current speed was low and less, and that the bridge piers would have no effect. The President of the Chamber of Geophysical Engineers Erhan İçöz criticized the lack of necessary information about the faults in Izmir in the project reports. EGEÇEP representatives asked whether measures will be taken regarding the damage that the project will cause to the population and wetlands in the bay.

At the end of the meeting, Selahattin Varan answered the question of whether the government to be established will give up the project or not, “It is not necessary to make it political. "If this project is a necessity in transportation, whatever government comes, it should implement this practice."

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