Nemrut Bay Railway Connection Project Infrastructure is planned to be awarded for remaining works and superstructure works

TCDD Nemrut Bay Railway Connection Project It is planned to tender for the remaining infrastructure and superstructure works

“Nemrut Bay Railway Connection Project ecek, which will be realized by the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), Survey and Project Department, was received from the AYGM with the approval of the Ministry of Development and submitted to TCDD.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; TCDD has started the preliminary works for the tender of infrastructure remaining works and superstructure works.
After the completion of the works and obtaining the necessary approvals, the tender will be announced. The project, which will be held in Izmir, is expected to start in 2015 and be completed in 2018. The 50 million TL allowance was allocated for the 2015 million TL investment in 10.
As it is known, 15 won the tender in March 2006 with the tender of Hiperbol İnşaat - Şahin Yılmaz consortium with 15.878.155 TL bid. However, the tender could not be concluded as a result of the other companies participating in the tender to bring the matter to the judiciary and the tender was canceled with the approval of the Ministry of Transport.
Reference: Investments 1172 / 10 March 2015 (AP)

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