Tahrir metro station opened after two years

Tahrir metro station was opened after two years: Tahrir, the biggest metro station in the city center in Cairo, Egypt, was reopened two years later.

The metro station in Tahrir Square, which has been closed in Egypt since 2013, opened two years later. Re-opening of Cairo's busiest metro station was interpreted as the government regained its confidence in urban security.

The station, named as the Sedat Stop dedicated to Enver Sedat, was closed during the demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Tahrir Square after the coup.

Measures in the subway station opened with a small ceremony accompanied by large security measures continue to stand out. Metal detectors, cameras, x-ray devices are protected by a large number of police station.

Speaking to Reuters, the Egyptians talked about what the opening meant to them. A doctor named Samuel Aziz said, “Opening the station is a pretty good thing. The return of security and the indication that the government has regained security on the streets of Egypt. The message is given to the Egyptian people, foreign investors and people of other countries that stability has returned to Egypt. ” Then a female passenger chanted "Long live Egypt".

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was declared illegal, called for a "popular initiative" on Friday. For this reason, while the Egyptian government is increasing the security measures on the streets of Cairo, officials say that they do not "expect a major development that will threaten security".

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