Marmaray 18 carried 75 million passengers per month

Marmaray carried 18 million passengers in 75 months: Marmaray, which provides transportation from under the sea between Asia and Europe, has become more frequent in the face of the interest of Marmaray. The number of daily flights has been increased from 274 to 333. "Marmaray has made our lives coarse, a blessing for us," says the citizen.

Providing uninterrupted rail transportation under the sea between Asia and Europe continents, Marmaray has become indispensable for Istanbulites in a short time. With the system that reduced transportation between Sirkeci and Üsküdar to 4 minutes, 75 million passengers have been carried so far. The number of passengers gradually increased, reaching an average of 180 thousand people per day. Foreign tourists also started to show great interest in the system. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications also increased the frequency of voyages to 5 minutes against this interest. The number of daily flights increased from 274 to 333. The world's regarded as one of the most important projects and Turkey's 153-year dream with Marmaray citizens of all ages from 7 to 70 uses. Here's what travelers say, "Marmaray is a blessing for Istanbulites":


Murat Tekin (24-Student):

I do not understand the criticisms made to Marmaray for a while. I prefer Marmaray because it is more advantageous. I'm a university student. I live in Esenyurt, My School is in Üsküdar. I use Marmaray every day. I prefer Marmaray because it is more useful and fast. Anyone who does not criticize Marmaray today, prefers this system in their journeys between the two continents.

Sabahattin Kara (53-Retired):

Marmaray is a blessing. It changed all my habits. I am very satisfied with Marmaray. I cross at least twice a week. I prefer Marmaray while crossing it. I used to take the ferry in the past. Now I'm riding the ferry just for nostalgia for fun.

Selma Yılmaz (56-Architect):

Marmaray changed the standard of living. Now, two to two-and-a-half-hour crossing this time now, half this time has fallen. We can calculate when we're coming home. We can spare more time for ourselves.

Ali Şenyurt (38-Esnaf):

We are getting on Marmaray with my daughter Şeymanur. I used to cross the road in the past, now I prefer Marmaray. I save both time and money. When I first got on Marmaray, I was worried. Over time, I have overcome this. Now we are boarding the family Marmaray in crossing the opposite side.


Marmaray, which has a century of design life, has been designed to be suitable for earthquake-resistant 9 and 2-minute train operation range. Bosphorus tube crossing 1.4 kilometers long, 55 meters of sea surface is built at the depth of Marmaray, suburban lines are completed with Gebze Halkalı There will be a total of 3 stations, 42 of which are deep stations. Gebze-Ayrılık Fountain and Halkalı- The project of improving the suburban lines, which is under construction between Kazlıçeşme and to be connected with Marmaray, is expected to be completed in 2015. The project, located on the international railway transportation corridor on the European-Asian axis, will also be integrated with the YHT core network and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway projects.



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