Logistics transportation will relax

Logistics transportation will be relieved: 26 million road and art structures are being implemented at the same time as Goodyear Junction project. With the completion of the project, logistic transportation will be provided relief.
Side Roads and Art Structures project, coordinated with the Goodyear Junction project carried out with the cooperation of Metropolitan Municipality and Kavanlar Construction, continues rapidly. D-100 Highway and its sideways are designed to serve the transit traffic and make the D-100 Highway permanent. With the project, the roads will be turned in one direction and the main roads and bridges are double-crossed. Under the overpass the signalization intersection arrangement will be made and the north-south side roads will be joined to the D-100. With the completion of the project in the region where industrial facilities are predominant, relaxation will be provided in logistics transportation.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:31

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