North Marmara Motorway project is about to end

The North Marmara Motorway project is about to end: More than half of the North Marmara Motorway, which will save vehicles from Anatolia to Thrace from entering Istanbul traffic, is over.
One of the biggest projects realized in Turkey's recent 115-kilometer section of the North Marmara Motorway will continue to work in the Odayeri-Pasakoy. 51 percent of the highway has been completed so far, will allow the passage of vehicles from Anatolia to Thrace to Istanbul traffic.
In this way, traffic in the city and the Bosphorus bridges will be reduced. Works are underway at the Northern Marmara Motorway, which is being built by IC İçtaş-Astaldi JV partnership, which is under construction with the third bridge of Istanbul. Both 3 throughout the project. 7 employs more than one thousand workers, including both the bridge and the highway. 115 percent of the 51 kilometer highway is complete. 59 percent of the third bridge is completed.
Viaducts occupy an important place on the 115 kilometer highway between Odayeri and Paşaköy. Approximately 12 kilometers of the highway will be crossed over the viaduct. 64 viaduct works carried out within the scope of the project continue simultaneously. The construction of 6 has been completed.
The 240 meter-long Viaduct 33, located at the Asian Side entrance, was completed in about 18 months. Viaduct 33, 3. Bridge traffic from the vehicle through the Reşadiye-Alemdağ-Çekmeköy direction, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will connect to the TEM to go. Works were also completed at the 300 meter Viaduct 7 near the Mahmutbey-Odayeri section of the project. In the Viaduct 7, approximately 34.000 cubic meters of concrete were poured and 5200 tons of iron were used.
The project 12. The length of the viaduct number 6 on the kilometer will be 445 meters when completed. This viaduct will be the highest pedestrian viaduct of the project with its height of 82 meters. Asphalt works continue on the highway route. According to Sabah, the first asphalt was poured in the Asian side of the project. The first paving works were done on the Çamlık-Reşadiye Connection road on the Asian side and Odayeri on the European side.
The 115 kilometer section between Odayeri and Paşaköy is expected to be grown by the end of the year. General Directorate of Highways has completed the tender preparations for the other two stages of the highway. The tender for 149 kilometers between Kınalı and Odayeri will be held in July and 7 kilometers between Akyazı and Kurtköy will be held in June. With the construction of these stages, the North Marmara Motorway will be connected to Tekirdağ starting from Adapazarı and passing through Kocaeli and Istanbul.
3. The Riva Tunnel, one of the 2 tunnels in the Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Project, was also excavated. In the Riva Tunnel, one of the biggest tunnels in Europe, concrete casting was started. Riva Tunnel has the largest excavation area in Europe and is one of the largest 3 tunnels in the world.
Excavation area of ​​the tunnel will be 236 square meters wide and the length will be 626 meter and 562 meter in the northern tube, except portal structures in the entrance and exit sections. Excavation of the left and right tube in the Riva tunnel was completed. The percentage of 100 in the left tube and 47 in the right tube is over. 6 graded excavation continues in the Çamlık tunnel.
The Odayeri - İkitelli and Paşaköy - Çamlık connection roads will not only provide the connection of the motorway with the inner city of Istanbul, but also ease the heavy traffic on the TEM Motorway.
The vehicles will be able to transit without interruption and the traffic in Istanbul's city and existing Bosphorus bridges will be reduced. This will result in significant fuel savings. With the elimination of the transportation restrictions of freight vehicles, the time cost of imports and exports will decrease.



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