When the subcontractor workers on the highways could not find an addressee, they agreed to 1.050 TL.

When the subcontractor workers on the highways could not find an interlocutor, they agreed to 1.050 TL: The 7-day action, which was initiated by approximately 73 workers working as 'subcontractors' within the Çorum 80th Branch Chief of the Highways 1.500th Regional Directorate, demanding that their salaries be made 5 TL has ended. Stating that they could not find an interlocutor, the workers said that they were willing to work for 1.050 TL in order not to be unemployed.
General Directorate of Highways 'subcontractor' working in the past years and the lawsuit opened 6 thousand 417 workers, the Supreme Court will be taken after the decision of the Supreme Court. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu explained this decision of the Supreme Court to the workers. The workers who won the case were preparing to move to the staff, while other subcontractors started action to improve their situation. 73 Highways in Corum. Approximately 80 workers working at the Branch Office will continue to receive monthly 1.050 TL salary when the action fails.
Workers whose 16 monthly contracts expired did not accept the conditions offered to them after the new tender covering the next 3 year, 1 had begun a job quit in June. Workers who want to raise salaries, as well as food and overtime fees also demanded. The workers said that they could not find an interlocutor to speak during the action and that they were forced to end the act of quitting because they were threatened with dismissal and they accepted the employer's conditions.
Stating that no one supports them when they want to claim their rights, the workers said that they were obliged to receive a salary of 1.050 TL again. Stating that they are already brooding on how to get along, the workers said, “We are all in a difficult situation. We work in the field and pay for food from our own pocket. We do not charge overtime. We don't really know how to make a living with this salary. We demanded a salary of 1.500 TL, but we could not even find a compromise environment. We gave up our action and accepted the employer's terms because we did not get any results. We will start work from Monday. " they said.

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