Karataşa Tram Expedition

Karataşa Tramway Expedition Will Be Ahead: To ease the transportation, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, at the crossroads of certain parts of the city, started to produce the 51 Nolu Street Bridge Interchange and Karataş Bridge Interchange after the crossroads of Bedri İncetahtacı and Kahraman Emmioğlu.

Tramways to Karataş cannot be done for a while due to the interchanged crossroads which are thought to ease the vehicle and pedestrian traffic of the citizens in the Karataş region.

Gar Gar Mavikent between the tram crossings, the Junction Junction will take place between the Gar vay Burc Junction. Citizens who want to go to Karataş; They will be able to continue with the public buses free of charge after the Junction of the Bush.

Citizens, 10 June as the bus may benefit from transfer buses were expressed.


From the city center to go in the direction of Karataş and Akkent 216 No. Street Street Erdem College direction the exit; 216 from the street intersection 280 on 50 (from front of the formation site) 280 meters from the rail system passes through the opposite lane. Following 110 street, following 72 street, following 12 street (416 numbered street) is followed by Dumlupınar Anatolian High School right and 416 street intersection should be followed by XNUMX street.

For those who will come from Karataş1 and 2 to 216 street intersection on 410 street (from Kadoil oil corner) to the right 416 street, Bübbülzade quarter left unnamed street followed by Dumlupınar Anatolian High School. 72 on the street to the left, 110 to the right, 110 on the street (Women's swimming pool behind) to the left 280 on the street following the 282 will be guided to the street as the exit; Traffic signs and road signs placed on the road must be adhered to in order to prevent vehicle drivers from being victimized.


In the "Karataş Bridge Interchange Construction Work", a 55 meter long bridge construction will be made with 85 meters of cast concrete and 450 meters of post-tension concrete system, and within the scope of the project, it is planned to manufacture 10.000 meters of bored piles and 13 thousand 500 cubic meters of concrete.

The intersection is planned to be completed in 5 months. During construction, service roads were determined and road closures and directions were made in order not to affect the citizens negatively. For this reason, the citizens should be able to follow and follow the traffic signs on the route.

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