Karamanda asphalt and pavement works

Karamanda asphalt and pavement works: The infrastructure and superstructure works carried out by Karaman Municipality on Molla Fenari Street made the street much more modern.
Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, who said that the drinking water lines were renewed for the first time in Molla Fenari Street, said, “We are continuing our efforts to make Karaman have a beautiful and modern look. They are neat and aesthetic streets that show the cities. That's why we attach great importance to our streets. While doing our work, we take the streets fundamentally, we are working to make the infrastructure look more modern and then that street. We have completely renovated the infrastructure of Molla Fenari Street, just as we did with other street arrangements. Hot asphalt was laid by removing the stones of the road covered with paving stones. We expanded the sidewalks and made them available for our disabled citizens. By completing the illumination of the road from the Municipality İşhanı to the Teacher's House intersection, we will also make this place much more modern after Yunus Emre and İmaret streets. ”

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