İZBAN children like Şen

İZBAN children like ŞEN: IZBAN's ödül Everywhere Close to Public Transportation Park event was attended by students who took a photo at the Natural Life Park.

Children near 8 from 400 school, who attended to ”Everywhere by Public Transport UM event organized by İZBAN to explain public transportation, transfer and rail system, visited the Natural Life Park in the last two weeks. Here, young students who took photographs of animals with the tablets distributed by IZBAN, and whose ages ranged from 6 to 10, participated in the photo contest organized within the framework of the event with the frames they immortalized.

IZBAN, who evaluated the photograph on the 7 thousand from the children, determined the works which were the first 4. Sude Kaygısız, Kadir Cankoç, İbrahim Cankurt and Sıla Pehlivan, who formed the Kahramanlar Group under the direction of teacher Aysun Kayaerol from Leman Alptekin Primary School, took the first place in the competition. Mevlana Primary School, Çakallar Group second, Mustafa Öğütveren Primary School, Güzeller Group was the third and Şemikler Primary School Yıldızlar Group was the fourth.

The students and their teachers came together in the center of İZBAN in Çiğli. In the award ceremony, which also included the Deputy General Manager of İZBAN Sönmez Alev, both degrees were announced and their awards were distributed to the students. İZBAN officials, with the children in the memory of the day while cutting the cake, he gave the photos of schools framing.

İZBAN Deputy Director General Sönmez Flame, in his speech to the children, simulating the rail system with veins in the human body, S Izmir is a beautiful city. By using public transport, you can see all the beauties of the city. Thanks to this activity, you have seen the largest natural life park in Europe using the city's vital vessels. With the photos you took, you had the pleasure of looking at everything else. The photographs taken by each student for us were the same beauty. But we had to choose from them. I would like to thank every teacher who participated in this activity and our teachers with the İzmir National Education Directorate who helped us. Bu

He added that the event would continue in the upcoming academic year.



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