Intelligence attacked high-speed trains

Intelligence attacked high-speed trains warned: 7 intelligence units before the June election to attack high-speed trains and warned that the risk plans were prepared in this framework.

General elections in Turkey in the event of a large-scale railways intelligence unit was learned that prior to the elections yaşanmazken attack warnings against high-speed trains and stations.

Following the massive power outage occurred in twenty provinces in Turkey Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Center by the possible risks and prepare action plan that emerged against these risks. According to the news of Vatan, the hakerat plans prepared against the extraordinary events to be experienced in the railways to sabotage the elections were reached.

According to this, aks Sabotage on the trains and fixed railway facilities in the course of travel and physical security weakness emergency cases were asked to increase the measures by writing to the Ministry of Interior. Acil Then, the security measures were increased and warnings were made to prevent electronic security systems. Permissions for all security units have been revoked.

  • In High Speed ​​Trains, if one of the two substations in succession is disabled, the same line will transfer the load to another neighboring substation.
  • If this substation is disabled, diesel transportation will be started in the region.
  • (In case of cyber attack) Bandwidth attack prevention device (DDOS) and intrusion prevention device (IPS) will be activated.
  • Application firewalls to be installed.
  • YHT traffic to the ETCS system from the outside of the intervention of the software, if the failure of the software according to the shape of the system first of the local control system will be used, if not possible, the speed of trains 160, 110 50 km / h when necessary traffic will be reduced.


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