Zero Accident on Target Level Crossings

📩 28/04/2019 02:37

Due to the International Level Crossing Awareness Day in the Level Crossings, the conference titled EV IMPROVING SAFETY IN HEMZEMIN GATHERS AND ITS ENVIRONMENT nedeniyle was held at Haydarpaşa Train Station on 3 June 2015 hosted by TCDD.

The conference was attended by representatives from several countries, including Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Kenya, Estonia, Latvia, the UK, and Jeremy Wisnievski, Director of UIC's Core Values ​​Department.

In front of the Haydarpaşa station building, press and TCDD Deputy General Director İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu made the opening speech.


TCDD Deputy General Manager Ismail H. Murtazaoğlu, TCDD at the intersection of the road for many years at the crossroads at the crossroads occurred at the crossroads at the beginning of the most affected organizations. In the media discourse, he said that the train was targeted as the person responsible for the accidents in the level crossings.

Murtazaoğlu, UM TCDD, for the solution of the problems in the level crossings, 1700 pieces of passage were closed and the number of passages was reduced from 4810 pieces to 3110 units. Road signs were renewed in all passages. . The level of the protected level crossings has been increased to 621 and the level crossings have been plated for a safer and more comfortable transition and will continue to be made,. He said.

Murtazaoğlu stated that in conventional high-speed, fast and newly constructed conventional lines, there is no level crossing, and under-overpasses are made on double lines, leveling of the crossings is made, and Alo 131 TCDD denunciation line was created to report the accidents occurring at the level crossings very urgently.


TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu said, ken As a result of the improvements, 2000 accident occurred in 361 in the level crossings and in 2014 this number decreased to 41. Here I am pointing out the point. In 2000 was 8 in 2014, while the number of vehicles was about 19 million. Therefore, despite the rapidly increasing number of vehicles, there has been a rapid decline in accidents. Our goal is to achieve the target of zero accidents, kaza he said, stressing the importance of TCDD's efforts to prevent accidents at level crossings.

Lastly, Murtazaoğlu said, Bil I wish that International Level Crossing Awareness Day, which we will celebrate this year by combining the dynamics of our national and international stakeholders, will be an important step in achieving the goal of zero accidents at the level crossings. As a result of improvements, significant decrease in life and property loss in level crossings gives happiness to all of us and shows that our work is not wasted. Yap

After the speeches, the drivers and pedestrians were presented to the participants by demonstrating the automatic barrier used in the level crossings to be careful and take care in the barriers.

Within the scope of esi International Level Crossing Awareness Day “, the reasons of level crossing accidents, prevention of accidents etc. brochures are distributed to citizens in public matters, posters will be hung in public spaces, public spots will be published.

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