Düzce Municipality Asphalt Team Works

Duzce Municipality Asphalt Team Works: Düzce Municipality in the framework of the summer term asphalting program, Konuralp'da completed infrastructure works on the road began paving. For this purpose, the paved road is paved on the side roads in the Konuralp area on the Akçoca State Highway.
Düzce Municipality continues its summer term asphalting program. With the completion of the asphalting on Istanbul Street in the center of Düzce, the asphalt layer is laid in Konuralp on the completed roads. Approximately 1 asphalt concrete was prepared in order to make the traffic flow on the side road safe and comfortable. Studies will be completed within a short time specified. After the completion of the works in the said region by the Directorate of Science Affairs of Düzce Municipality will be switched to the asphalting in Ağa neighborhood.

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