When the bridge was not made, the villagers did not go to the polls

When the bridges were not made, the villagers did not go to the ballot box: The villagers in Kastamonu, whose suspension bridges were not renewed, reacted by not going to the ballot box.
In the Yukarıkayı village of the Tosya district of Kastamonu, 50 had passed the suspension bridge they had expected to be made for nearly a year, while the villagers left to death every day and decided not to go to the polls to vote in the June elections. In response to their decision, the villagers showed their reactions by not going to the polls to vote in the 7 June general elections. The pedestrian crossing of the bridge was also closed to the villagers who stated that they will continue their actions until the bridges are made.
Hasan Teke, 50-year-old, said that the bridges have been said to be built continuously for 66 years and said, “This bridge will be built continuously for 50 years. But still not done. This means that our state cannot afford this bridge. Our government came here and made many measurements and studies of this bridge. But we still have no results. Our only request from our state is to provide us a gate. ”
Teke stated that they did not go to the polls on the grounds that the bridges were not made. “We said that none of our 31 members will go to vote unless this bridge is made until the election. But they didn't listen to us and didn't take us seriously. We did not go to the polls in the elections did not vote for any party. The foot bars of this bridge are bent and the head holding the bridge remains idle. It's dangerous and dangerous for us to get through here. We demand this bridge to be built as soon as possible. We will continue our action until the bridge is built. ”

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