Burhanin Feshanesi is done in the forest area

Burhanin Feshanesi is built in the forest area: 'Feshane' of Bursa is established in Uludağ. Work has been started for the 'Feshane', which is planned to be constructed in Kadıyayla, which is the first station of the cable car carrying passengers to the city center and Uludağ Hotels Region. The Association of Nature and Nature Conservation to Feshane (DOĞADER), which citizens will reach by cable car, is protesting the environmental massacre.

Cable Car Inc. Deputy Chairman of the Board Okan Kaylan, Kadiyayla Station planned to be established in the project will not be concrete, he said. 'Feshane'nin will be established using completely wooden materials will be the places to eat the children's playgrounds will be expressed. Kaylan said: olan The 'Feshane' project in Bursa will be implemented in Kadıyayla, the second station of the cable car. We are planning an area where Bursa houses, restaurants to eat for iftar and entertainments as far as sahura. We are implementing the project in the area allocated to us by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Probably will be installed until 2 month. Summer-winter but in summer, especially in the month of Ramadan will be used more. Iftar programs are made, entertainment, children's playgrounds, sahura until fun will be the area. Citizens will be transported to Kadıyayla by cable car. Some facilities will be provided during Ramadan. R


Kaylan, who answered the claims of destruction and woodcutting in the area, said: Kay As a business owner, I ask those who see this place; Do you have tree cuts? This is an area of ​​24 acres. This is a group of plant community confusion, there is a structure without certain order. There are no trees here. We will organize this place, arrange the soil structure, germinate, make a space for people to sit and have fun time. It won't be a residence or a mall. There will be no permanent work, no concrete work. Our target; To run a facility from Bursa to Uludağ where 12 provides seamless transportation throughout the month. To make tourists a place where we can show the beauties of Bursa. Because the cable car is one of the features of Bursa. A city full of beauty. Our biggest wish is to send the tourists coming here happily from our city. The 2 will open if there is nothing wrong with the month. N


Sedat Guler stated that they have been working in the field as a team of Nature and Environment Protection (DOĞADER) team and said: at We have documented that construction works started in Kadıyayla which has been closed for three years. DOGADER team, which has been removed by the machines with the green texture of rare plant varieties formed in thousands of years in the plateau, documenting that the plateau has been completely destroyed; applied to the necessary institutions for the quality of construction. We will also go to the judiciary and action paths to stop this massacre of nature. Ayrıca

After the last voyage on 1963 1 2012, which has been built to provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ and carried millions of people to Uludağ, the line was completely dismantled. Leitner was built with Ropeways technology. 9 can be used in the cabins serving the Bursa-Uludağ cable car line, which is considered to be the biggest ropeway in the world with its length of 8 kilometers. The 19 20 8 29 22 500 30 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX People who ride on the cable car from Bursa can only reach Uludağ in minutes. The new ropeway line is capable of carrying one thousand XNUMX people per hour. Teleferik Inc. operates the cable car line built with the build-operate-transfer model. The company has the right to operate the cable car line during the XNUMX year.