Bursa Logistics Village

Bursa Logistics Village: It will not be indifferent to the economic, social life and activities of the city, the Central Right Movement Bursa Representative Office, which is constantly developing ideas, Logistics Village on the topic of Vice President Cengiz Duman sent a study.

In fact, Bursa is the most prominent province with all kinds of facilities and conditions in terms of the logistic village, but unfortunately it is not thought that it is not a railroad.

Considering the logistics activities as a whole, the production quality is increased and the product is delivered to the user as soon as possible. It is also important that the product reaches the user as much as the time, transport and storage in a safe manner.

Since all of these organizations' disciplines will be thought separately and separate from the centers to be established in different regions, it will be difficult and laborious to distribute distribution centers; The establishment of the so-called alama Logistic Village ve centers in today's world, which includes many factors such as transportation, warehousing and warehouse services, customs clearance and foreign trade services and insurance.

Logistics Villages are usually installed in large and important production centers (OIZs, raw material resources, etc.) in locations where large and commercial flows are intense, close to highway, railway, port and even if possible, to inland waterways, but not directly in city traffic. With the establishment of Logistics Villages, transportation costs will be reduced and a safe and healthy goods movement will be provided.

The name tur Logistic Village hazır has been on the agenda of the country in recent years and it is going to be in the priority of the use of railway. When we look at the list of the cities that are planned to be constructed and opened up, it is meaningless to compare them with Bursa. In our opinion, the only reason we are not among these provinces is because we do not have seb railway Biz.

TCDD could not have made such an investment in Bursa. However, with the commencement of the construction of the YHT (high-speed train) line, the railway line, which was removed after the establishment of the Republic, will pass through Bursa again and will be opened to use as soon as the 2016 year. a new means of transport.

If there are provinces which have Logistics Village and will reach in the near future, there will be no limit to the sea in the direction of transportation or there is not an active airport in the province, while there are provinces within the boundaries of the province or in the neighboring cities. not being among the provinces is very significant.
Currently, Gemlik Bay and ports in the north, Yenişehir Airport, which we still cannot use in the east, and the YHT project, which will be completed in the near future of the city, and the Istanbul - Izmir Highway, which will be completed in the near future of the Izmit Bay Crossing, is currently outside of Mezits - which will soon relax in that area. - When there is the Bursa-Ankara Highway, where there are not many problems; land - sea and air will be planned at the center of a triangle "logistics park" with leave to enter Turkey Bursa and between our organizations is considerable in the world is not even sincere.

Where should it be?

Cengiz Duman, who also advises on the establishment of a logistic village for Bursa, said: ey In fact, the logistic village is in a convenient location for port and air transportation, but also far enough not to disturb the city traffic. should be close to the city center. This context also offers the proposal, saying that the most suitable place is the existing ring road and the north of the line of YHT, which is planned to be completed in the near future, ie hatt Ovakça planlan.
In this way, Gemlik port will have a real harbor feature and the added value of Bursa economy will increase. At the same time, Gemlik can be a complete logistics base with the railway connection between the logistics village center and Gemlik port if possible and can be made.

In this way, not only from Gemlik-based industrial enterprise and some private sector firms, but also from smallest manufacturers to suppliers, almost everyone will benefit from this application. The products produced can be transported easily and safely to overseas countries.

Cengiz Duman, 'Logistics Village; Bursa is a big missing and is a must have for Bursa 'he said, draws attention to the importance of Bursa in this regard.



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